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Eagles LBs worth the excitement? 7-3-08

Willie T
Seth Joyner
Bryon Evans
Carlos Emmons

Hell, even a younger and more mobile Jeremiah Trotter

These are the names of Eagles linebackers that come to mind for me when I think of recent studs for this team. Whenever the team was successful, they had monsters on all three fronts, DL, LB, and in the secondary. So as an Eagles fan, am I thinking prematurely about the success of our current line backing core?


Ohhhhh……almost like Whoopi Goldberg in The Lion King, those names not only bring a sarcastic shiver, but they could bring a chuckle to those who haven't followed the team over the last 9 months. What is so intimidating about these guys? You have a former DE, a 3 rd Rd kid with only 1 start to his name and a former 5 th Rd pick who seems to have played every position on this defense. With all the hype, you'd swear one of these guys knocked, oh I don't know, Tom Brady's block off….or one became the first rookie to record a sack, a pick and force a fumble in the same game…or even that one has started two playoff games and starred in both. Oh….wait…these three guys already did that.

It's still very early, but as an Eagles fan, this is what we do. We over criticize those who don't deserve it and we over hype those who don't warrant the praise. I honestly believe though, that in this case, the right to be excited is justified. Which one of you wasn't excited with Gocong's progress as the season went on, or the fact that Bradley's play made the last 2 games bearable to watch? I believe that we have something truly special on our hands for not just this season, but for the future with this trio and for us Eagles fans, all we can do is hope….at least until camp starts.

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