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The Eagles are bad for my health? Kenny Guy 8-13-08

Two weeks ago, I had a massive panic attack the likes of which I had never had before. I was in the hospital over night and put on short term disability. During one of my visits to the local shrink, I talked to him about my depression and my seemingly terminal sense of loss. Both of my parents are alive and healthy. My sister and my sons are the picture of good living and happiness. Even my love life was at a state where I had nothing to complain about. Sure, bills, rent and child support are all issues that most folks in the City Of Brotherly Love deal with, but I needed to know why I was having these attacks and why they were becoming more frequent.

The more we talked, the more I learned that I have deep rooted issues that I had problems copping with. Whether it was “daddy issues”, guilt over being a jerk for many years, or when I stole my sister's credit card in 2001 to fill up my car with gas, there were many things that I had to come to terms with.

Then my doctor asked me if I was an Eagles fan. I thought to myself, “What the hell does that have to do with anything?” He went on to mention that most die hard Eagles fans suffer from anxiety attacks and sometimes deal with depression. He asked me to think of some of the most painful moments in my life. This is the list I came up with that (not getting to personal, so I will list those that are Eagles related)

•  Fog Bowl

•  2002 and 2003 NFCCG

•  2000 Divisional Playoff vs. the Giants

•  The Death Of Jerome Brown (I haven't played TECHMO SUPER BOWL since)

•  Any loss to Dallas

One thing that he asked is was how I felt on Mondays after the team lost. I told him that normally it felt like the end of the world and it would feel that way until Wednesday when I would begin to get excited about the next game. He went on to say that most die hard Eagles fans suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder because they live and die with this team. Ironically, training camp was just about to start when the first set of attacks started. Could my love for this team be the reason for my health issues? I am a very passionate fan, but what if my desire to see this team succeed be causing me to have shortness of breathe, high blood pressure and chest pains?

I write this because I care about all of you. Life is short and though we are supposed to enjoy every moment, don't let it affect your health. Yes, we bleed Eagles green, but in the real world our blood is red. If McNabb plays poorly, should it really affect how we feel about ourselves as people? No, because it's only a game, and it took for me to hear a perfect stranger to tell me this. We are Eagles fan, but we are human beings first and foremost so as the new season begins, please remember to just take things less personal folks. We all have more to live for than Sundays and tailgating, we have to live for ourselves and our families. So next time the Eagles have you feeling sick to your stomach, just remember that you could really end up, really being sick to your stomach and ask yourself…is it really worth it? After what I have been through, the answer is no, but then again, when they win, it is a pretty dam good high isn't it?


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