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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL

Jeremiah re-joins the Birds nest. Just as predicted by on May 26th.
July14th by Jules Pilla

That's right . By now you have heard the official news that the Eagles have signed middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter to a one year deal. If you are a regular reader of this site, you would have had the inside scoop knowing that he would likely be in Eagle green again. (see below May 26th article).

I think it is a good move. The current linebackers, though fast, do not give the defense the kind of run stopping ability, that Trotter gives to the team. Jimmy Johnson will be able to rotate players in and out, depending on the situation, and the players will be fresher for it.

Does he have anything left? I think so. Trotter led Washington Redskins with 129 tackles in 16 games last season. Not bad.

Give Andy Reid some credit. When Trotter left Philly, it wasn't on the best of terms with the GM. Jeremiah had to swallow his pride and take less money to come back. Reid had to not hold a grudge against Trotter.

We all win with this move. Trotter gets to come back home and be with a winner. The defense should be improved. JJ gets to have more flexibility with his defensive schemes. And the fans get to see a winner.

What to watch next? Eddie George is still not signed by the Titans even though they say it is all but done. I believe the Eagles are still in the mix.

Do you know what moves our NFC East rivals have made this off season?  
Are you afraid? June 22nd

Dallas ...the team we love to hate. There were 10-6 last year, made the playoffs and were much improved under Parcells rule.
They picked up 2 QB's. Vinny Testeverde, primarily as a solid backup, albeit a little old QB. They also picked up Drew Henson, who will become their QB over Quincy Carter. The other key move was picking up WR Keyshaun Johnson. You remenber him. John Grudin told to leave the Bucs and to never dirty their towels again. He sat out most of the year. Parcells and Key are buds and deserve each other. They lost Joey Gallaway and Ebenezer Ekuban. Are you afraid?

NY Giants...another arch rival of ours. What did this 4-12 team do? First, they got rid of Coach Jim Fassel and brought Tom Coughlin, Jaguar cast off. He coached there 8 years. Not a bad coach but New York is not Jacksonville. The media will roast him after a short honeymoon. The team is a complete makeover with 18 new players from other teams. Most notably is Kurt Warner who has been brought in to replace Kerry Collins. Does Warner have anything left? How is his thumb? He expects to be the long range starter but the Giants drafted Eli Manning the top QB in the draft. The Giants plan to do what the birds did with Donovan. Sit him down , have him learn the system for a year and become their starter. Kurt thinks otherwise. I see controversy coming if Kurt does well. The Giants also lost 16 players either thru free agency or just plain releasing them. One of the released was Brian Mitchell. Remember him. The media whined and said oh no , no more Brian to run back kickoffs. Reid knows when to say goodbye to a player. we need to give him credit. As far as the Giants are concerned, Coughlin has ovehauled the team. How many more wins does that mean? We'll see. Are you afraid?

Washington... the deadskins went 5-10 last year. They, too have made major changes, again. They got 17 new players on the team. The top names here are 22 year old RB Clinton Portis and 33 yr old QB Mark Brunell. They released Bruce Smith, Jeremiah Trotter and traded Champ Bailey. The big change they made was the hiring of head coach Joe Gibbs. He is the x-factor and will get them back to being good in the future. Are you afraid?

So what do you think of the NFC Eastern division in 2004? Do these rivals scare you? If you are afriad , get a big dog because in 2004 , these teams will not be a threat to us. Gibbs needs more time to rebuild that mess in Washington. Parrells caught a lot of teams by surprise last year but their schedule is tougher this year. And Giants have a long way to go to be good again. Look for the Eagles to go 12-4 or 13-3. Dallas will go 9-7, Wahington will go 6-10 and the Giants will be 5-11.

What's up? May 26th

Sorry for the absence. I have been spending my time re-doing the website look. Hope you like the changes so far. More to come. The newest change is the Eagles gear store. If you plan to buy any sports related stuff , Eagles or otherwise, consider buying from the online store. It will help support the site.
A couple of Eagles notes. My sources tell me that , don't be surprised if the Eagles wind up with Jeremiah Trotter. After June 1st we'll know more. But when Andy was asked about Trotter, he did not close the door on his coming back. No grudge there as you might think. If you remember Trotter and his uncle visited Reid in their negiotations sessions and it was not a pretty sight.

Trotter will have to swallow his pride and accept a different role with less money. If you can accept the terms, I think we could see him in an Eagles uniform next season.

And everybody knows that RB Eddie George could be on his way here. That has always been a possibility. He can fit nicely into the trio of RB's that Andy likes to use.

And look for the Eagles to get CB Mike Mckenzie of the Green Bay Packers. We need some dread locks in the defensive back field. It hasn't been the same since Al Harris took his dreads to GB.

The 2004 draft ...How did the Eagles fare?

Thank goodness, the draft is over. After spending 10 hours on Saturday watching and another 6 on Sunday, my eye balls can use some rest. So how do you like the
Eagles' picks. I'll bet you were surprised. Were you convinced they were going to select Jackson when they moved up to 16. I wanted Jackson in that spot and I must say I was temporaily disappointed. But when you stop and dissect who we got , you'll love our first pick. I know, I know, picking and OT is not as glamorous and exciting as getting a RB or QB. When you look at hightlight reels it just shows a big hunk of a human being pushing another player around. It's just not exciting.

Shawn Andrews, the 360 lb Offensive Tackle, was still a junior when he left school this year. Pressing money problems forced him to come out earlier rather than later. If he had stayed in college and entered the draft next year, he would have been the top OT in the draft. He would have been a top 5 prospect like Robert Gallery was this year. And you know how many people liked Gallery. He will eventually replace Runyon in a couple of years but in the mean time , expect him to play some guard. He is a monster of a guy who will be here for 10 years and don't listen to the radio heads who tell you otherwise. They only know how to complain.

Who else did we get?

1st Rd--- OT Shawn Andrews
3rd Rd--- CB Matt Ware
4th Rd--- S J.R. Reed
4th Rd--- OL Trey Darilek
5th Rd--- FB Thomas Tapeh
6th Rd--- QB Andy Hall
6th Rd--- CB Dexter Wynn
7th Rd--- G Adrien Clarke
7th Rd--- RB Bruce Perry
7th Rd--- Dominic Furio

CB Matt Ware and JR Reed are both nice pick ups. Matt Ware was expected to go in the second round but slipped and the Eagles grabbed him. He gives them some height at Corner. He''l step in right away and play in some nickel packages.

Duce may be gone so we won't be able to chant Duuuuccccceee whenever he carries the ball. But if Bruce Perry makes the team and carries the ball get ready to chant Bruuuuccceeee, like they did at Maryland.

The Eagles have made a strong case for re-building their offensive line with all of their other picks but only time will tell.

Now that this year's draft is over, I wonder who is on the board for next year. I gotta stop this.

Jules Pilla May 1st, 2004

New NFL rule change can put a premium on CB speed.
Jules Pilla....April 13th

Just a few short weeks ago in late March, the NFL came up with another way to change the rules to make the offense have an easier time. Points, Points , Points. Offense, Offense, Offense. That’s what the league wants. More here








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