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The Duce is Trumped...

What are you thinking Duce??? Get back here in camp where you belong. If you read Duce's own words at, you get the sense that he is very sincere about staying with the Eagles. But he is going about it the wrong way. Duce , you have a contract with the Eagles for this year-honor it. It is for 2.2 million dollars. You know how these things work. You get the big signing bonus upfront and you are handcuffed at the tail end of your contract. That's the NFL players agreement. It has been reported that there are some 290 NFL players on the last year of their contracts and they are not holding out. Why are you Duce? We love you but you're wrong. In fact , nothing can be gained from your holdout. If you sit out the year , you come back next year as the Eagles' property again. Then what? The average guy can't understand 2.2 million dollars and doesn't make that in their lifetime. So don't look to us for understanding. The Eagles are going to move forward with or without you. Swallow your pride and come back. You were trumped before you even got started.

Hollis Thomas is down to 310 lbs...

He has lost considerable weight in the off season. Somewhere around 50-60 lbs. Maybe he realized that overeating cost him his job to Darwin Walker. And he was heading out the door of football. But to his credit , he's back thinner and quicker. Thomas is a likable guy. Hollis , we're watching. I hope you stay.

Freddie wakes up?

Can it be that Fred Mitchell is finally coming around. That's the buzz at training camp. Freddie is said to own the # 3 wide out position. I hope so. We need him to live up to the pub. I was one who loved him and still do. Ok Fred, let's see what you got. Or are you just going to be a legend in your own mind?

My kind of town... Chicago is"... Aug 17th by Jules Pilla

Update>>>>Duce returns, $135,000 lighter in the wallet and no more guarantees than when he held out.

Sinatra sang this tune in his hey day. Now it is Duce's turn. It appears the the end is drawing near for Duce being in an Eagles uniform. ESPN is reporting that the Eagles are looking to move Duce. I am not in the least bit surprised. See my article below from 2 weeks ago.

The bridges are burnt and it is time to move on. That's the Eagles position. Not that I blame them either. Duce cannot miss all of training camp and the pre-season games and expect to be received with open arms. I wouldn't take him back either. I recall in the 70's when Bird Lavendar, the Eagles cornerback got into a dispute with Dick Vermeil. The beloved Eagles coach gave Lavendar an ultimatum to get back into camp or he was not going to play here. He refused and Vermeil moved him to Washington. You just can't have this kind of disruption when you are hoping to make a run at the SuperBowl. Good Bye Duce.

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