Featured Article By Jules Pilla on 6-25-03

"Show me the Money"

Jerry McGuire uttered those words in the movie of the same name. But never has it been more true than today.

How will ever get used to hearing the "Chicago Bears sponsored by Banc One". Oh, we'll get used to it alright.

It may sound a little silly now but wait. It's coming. More and more of this sort of thing is on the way. Where will it go next? Where ever the money will take it. "Just Show me the Money" and I'm yours. Banc One paid $30 million for 12 years to the team for this privilege. All because they couldn't get the naming rights for Soldier Field .

But what it has done is open the door of acceptance to all of us. We'll hear it enough. Complain a little about it then get used to it.

"Just show me the Money" and you can sponsor my team.

Imagine the possibilities…..Try these on for size…..

The Washington Redskins sponsored by Skippy Peanut Butter

The NY Giants sponsored by Little Debbie Cakes

The Dallas Cowboys sponsored by Tampax Feminine Pads

The Green Bay Packers sponsored by Cheese Whiz

The San Francisco 49ers sponsored by Rice a Roni

The Cleveland Browns sponsored by the Drew Carey show

The Tampa Bay Bucs sponsored by Sunkist Oranges

Well, you get the idea. Hey, but don't laugh too long. We already have Minute Maid Park in Houston. Why not these others names?

Just show me the Money and we'll even name it X-Lax field. Speaking of X-Lax , the toilet is exactly where this is all headed.





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