Steve Olenski


Steve Olenski is an award-winning writer born and raised in Philadelphia. He is the youngest of six and sewed his sports oats watching and learning from his older brothers and sister. One of his fondest memories as a child, long before the advent of cable TV, was watching a Flyers home playoff game vs. the Rangers on an old black & white television, using a coat hanger as an antenna to pick up New York Channel 9.

He has co-authored numerous screenplays, short stories, articles, essays, poems and editorials on a wide array of topics and genres.

He is a partner in the entertainment group, Harding Road Entertainment, based in Long Beach, CA.

He is a member of The Long Ridge Writers Group, The Institute of Children’s Literature, Writers Village University and The American Screenwriters Association.

He wrote and co-produced a critically acclaimed video that honored those lost on September 11th by the Marsh & McLennan Companies.

The inspiration for his writing and creativity comes from the only woman willing to put up with him. She is his Rock. She is the woman of his dreams. She is his wife. All that he is and all that he will ever be is a direct result of her coming into his life.


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