Are UFO's real or not?

Remember what the X-Files said..."THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE"



Close Encounter of the Third kind, ET, The X-Files, Signs, Contact were all movies about UFO's / Alien encounters. All interesting in their own right but all fiction. I am and have been interested in UFO's for 30 years.



And in all that time, I have wanted to see proof but I have only grown more spectical. In fact, I do not believe they exist at all. With millions and millions of digital cameras on the planet, I find it very interesting that no digital photo has ever been taken of a UFO. Only fuzzy photos or photos created on a PC in a digital format.

The latest buzz on UFO's was a Twin Tower video that you have just seen. It has been touted as the real deal. Ultimate proof of the existence of UFO's. In fact, the great prophet Sollog has stated that it is absolute proof of UFO's. If you are not familiar with Sollog, he claims to predict everything from earthquakes to plane crashes to the Superbowl winner. He is never wrong because he is the great Sollog.

Well , he is wrong and the video has been identified as a fake. The woman in the video is an actress hired by the Sci-fi channel. Her name is Barbara Sicuranza she has a resume on her website where she lists "The Blimp" as a promo she did for Sci-Fi.

Barbara Sicuranza is an actress and is married to Chris Stein the guitarist of the rock group "Blondie". Chris is an avid videographer and is very interested in UFO's. He admits to the fact the it was not real.

Sollog the great is wrong and the UFO photos that pop up everywhere are fakes. I want to believe but THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE and there are no UFO's.

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