Health Benefits Of Xango
One Medical Doctor actually uses a mangosteen food supplement in his full-time medical practice. He became so enthusiastic about his results with his patients that he recently published a book on the benefits of the mangosteen plant and its extremely wide range of health applications.

"Mangosteen extract has multiple health benefits. This simple fact is both its greatest asset and its greatest liability. Unfortunately, many people will never try it because of its claims of effects across the full spectrum health concerts. They say, 'No one product can do all that!' But my patients know better...The Mangosteen Works!"

-J. Frederic Templeman, MD Author of "Mangosteen, The X-Factor

FROM Dr. James Duke, perhaps America's foremost ethnobotanist. Retired in 1995 he worked for the USDA and University of Maryland. He created a phytochemical and ethnobotanical database. MANGOSTEEN is listed with 138 separate benefits, that has been condensed to the following list :
1. Antifatigue (helps with Chronic Fatigue and illness)
2. Antitumor and cancer prevention - multiple categories cited
3. Antiaging
4. Antioxidant
5. Hypotensive - blood pressure lowering
6. Hypoglycemic - blood sugar lowering (anti-diabetic effect)
7. Immunostimulant - multiple categories cited
8. Antilipidemic - blood fat lowering
9. Antiobesity - helps with weight loss
10. Antiatherosclerotic - prevents hardening of the arteries
11. Cardioprotective - protects the heart
12. Antiviral - prevents or modulates viral infections
13 Antibiotic - prevents or modulates bacterial infections
14. Antifungal - prevents or modulates fungal infection
15. Antidepressant
16. Anxyolytic - anti-anxiety effect
17. Anti-Alzheimerian - helps prevent dementia
18. Antiarthritic - prevention of arthritis
19. Antiosteoporosis - helps prevent the loss of bone mass
20. Antiperiodontic - prevents gum disease
21. Antiallergenic - prevents allergic reaction
22. Antiseborrhic - prevents seborrhea (skin disease that causes
dandruff, for example.)
23. Anticalculitic - prevents kidney stones
24. Antipyretic - fever lowering
25. Anti-Parkinson
26. Antidiarrheal
27. Antineuralgic - reduces nerve pain (i.e. diabetic neuropathy of
the feet or hands)
28. Antivertigo - prevents dizziness
29. Antiglaucomic - prevents glaucoma
30. Anticataract - prevents cataracts

Experience it for yourself!

XanGo is made from the whole fruit puree of the "mangosteen", a fruit grown in southeast Asia know for its medicinal qualities. The mangosteen is called " The Queen of Fruit ", so named by Queen Victoria after a visit to Southeast Asia in the 1800's because of its incredibly delicious taste. XanGo is " good for the body " AND " heaven to the tongue ". XanGo is a single product focus with a universal appeal that creates a NEW CATEGORY here in the U.S. XanGo is the first company to bring mangosteen and the nutritional benefits of  Xanthones (the powerful phytonutrient and super antioxidant found in mangosteen) to the American market.


Dr. Sam Walters, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, has treated over 50,000 patients in his career and has assisted in the formulation of health and nutritional products for pharmaceutical companies and even NASA.

Walters is always looking for new products offering something unique and effective that can benefit his patients without the adverse side effects of prescription drugs. Here's what Walters has to say about XanGo™ in his new book Tame the Flame.

"In my 30-year experience I have never encountered anything that has the amount of independent scientific research as that of the mangosteen fruit. Research from medical universities all over the world show the xanthones in the mangosteen contain elements that literally help correct and kill many diseases that occur today."

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