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Eagles defeat Bengals 27-17 in 3rd pre-season game .
Corey Simon has franchise tag removed.
Jules Pilla Aug 2tth , 2005

From the first play of the game, it is clearTO is in a class by himself. Mcnabb connected for a 64 yard TD with Owens . TO finished the game with 5 catches for a 131 yards . Not bad for a guy who is unhappy and doesn't want to talk to the QB.

The offense and defense look to be in shape to start the season. Both units looked crisp and ready for the meaningful games to start.

On offense, Donovan threw for 3 TDs for 256 yds. And both Lewis and Brown catch TDs. Greg Lewis's TD catch was a one handed beauty.

On defense, the Freak was flying all of the field and the defense played strong aggresive football.

Next week is the final game. I can hardly wait for the season opener against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. The final pre-season game will be for the backups to get some action and experience, so don't expect anything. and I mean anything. Time to get ready for the first game. Do you think it is too early to paint my face?

Corey Simon has franchise tag removed.

The words of Reid say it all...we appreciate all that Corey has done for this organization over the last five years". "With the great amount of depth and talent we have along the defensive line, we chose to give Corey an opportunity to sign with another team."

Corey was offered a one-year franchise tender by the birds, but wanted a long-term deal.

Instead, Simon chose not to sign the deal or he did not report to camp. With the franchise tag placed on him , another NFL team would have to give up two first-round picks if they signed him. That high price tag discourages other teams from making a deal. With the tag removed, he becomes an unrestricted free agent and teams will be open to signing him .

That will be the end of Simon as an Eagle. With the money the birds save here, look for them to lock up Westbrook long term.


Back trouble in Philly?
Jules Pilla Thurs Aug 25th , 2005

For the third time in 4 yrs Corell Bulthalter is out with an injury. Three serious knee surgeries! Ouch! Long range it doesn't seem likely that he can come back and be productive. But only time will tell. The Eagles, however, are faced with an immediate situation. Who do you replace his roster spot with? The same problem they are faced with at the WR position.

Who do we have now?

Well, after Westbrook, the experience level has a major dropoff. There is first year back, Ryan Moats. And Bruce Perry, second yr guy who was injured last year and for all intents and purposes is also a rookie. And lastly, Reno Mahe who has a total of 23 career carries. I really like Moats and I think Perry could help out. But to say this lot of RB's is thin is understating the situation. Reid has said he wants to see how these guys go but the fact of the matter is, they need some experience at this positon. And they need to be aggressive about getting someone experienced and reliable. Afterall, Brad Childress will be counting how many touches Westbrook gets a game for fear of overusing a back his size. If he gets hurt, good bye Superbowl run.

So what are their options. Let's take a quick look.

The name that comes to mind first is Dorsey Levens. He has been with the team a couple yrs and he knows the system. But does he have anything left in the tank. Afterall, he is 35 yrs old and would be the oldest RB in the NFL. The Eagles have contacted his agent but are not ready to make a move. I'm sure the Eagles have his phone number on SPEED dial if need be but he will be there all season long. I would like to see them try to get someone else.

There's Eddie Goerge . At 6'3" , 235 lbs, he has the size and experience to do a nice job filling in. In fact , he is big enough to carry the load once in a while. So, if Westbrook gets nicked up for a qtr or a game or two, we won't be in a disasterous situation. Last yr, he was not up to his 1000 yd standards and had only 432 yds. So what. We don't need him to gain a 1000 yds. His 10 yrs of experience would fit the bill nicely.

Who else is out there? There's third yr man, Lamar Gordon of the Miami Dolphins. He is a 230 pounder who averaged 3.5 yds per carry in 3 yrs in Miami. I'm not sure if he fits the bill of whom I would like to see them get.

And then there is Najeh Davenport from Green Bay. That's who I want them to get. He is 6'1" and 245 lbs and a monster to tackle. He can play halfback or full back so he can protect against a Jon Ritchie injury too. He would be a perfect compliment to Westbrook's style of play. He has a 5.1 yds per average for his 3 yr career in Green Bay backing up Ahman Green. He knows the West coast offense too. This guy would not just be a fill in for this year but a permanent player and upgrade on the team. To get him, the Eagles will have to trade away a future draft pick. The Eagles should try to get him in here asap. Make the deal, TODAY if you can.

The Eagles have to be as aggressive. It is not a good time to patch up this problem. They have to look a ahead and anticipate and guard against anything else that comes our way during the season.

The Philadelphia Eagles have some unfinished business to attend to...winning the Superbowl.


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