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The Eagles improve their record to 2-0, first time since the 1993 season. Defeat Vikings 27-16.
Jules Pilla 9-21-04

It was hyped all week. It was fueled by the TO and Moss verbal jibes. If it were the 1999 draft again , who would you pick Daunte vs McNabb? Would they score over a 100 points between them? And on and on it went. MNF loves this kind of intrigue for their games. We didn't get a barn burner but we certaintly got any entertaining game filed with plots and sub plots.

The Eagle fans were packed into Lincoln Financial Field. All 74,000 of them. And they were loud and into the game. So much so, that Al Michaels and John Madden took a couple minutes from the action to talk about the fans. No not in the negative way we are used to being treated but in a positive, upbeat way. Things were said like, "These fans are passionate. They know football . They get it". WHAT? No snowball thrown at Santa references? Maybe our image is changing. Whatever it is , it was refreshing to hear it.

There are so many game points that need to be mentioned.

The Eagles first drive are a beauty, 11 plays and 72 yds . Capped off with TD pass to LJ Smith.

The goal line stance to hold the Vikings to just 3 points. Always one of my favorite things to watch. On second down, Trotter goes airborne to disrupt the running play. On 3rd down, Dawkins and Lewis stop Culpepper on the one yard line. Trotter needs to play more in my opinion. He has showed me he still has what it takes. I think it will happen in the coming weeks.

Nate Wayne strips Culpepper of the ball on the 1 inch line. Close call. Great play.

Donovan with another magical day, going 19-28 yards, no picks, 2 passing TD's and one running TD. Did you see his Moon walk after the run? What can I say that I haven't already said about him. Simply a great QB.

The strong play of Kearse. The Freak was all over the field. I really liked when Jimmie Johnson had him spying on Culpepper.

The strong play of the 2 young corner backs. They had nice games. Maybe some respect will start to be given to them instead of hearing of Bobby (riding the pine now) and Vincent.

TO vs Moss... neither had great games. Moss was controlled for most of the game with short route passes. Jimmie Johnson 's plan with help over the top really worked well. TO had a big TD late on the game to cap off the win. He then flashed us a Gold smile. What a character this guy is. I love him.

A couple of emerging players that need credit... McDougle--he put pressure on Daunte all night long. LJ Smith--- showing he will be a force to be reckoned with. Sheldon Brown, late sack, key tackles, he is all over the field. JR Reed, just a rookie but wow very exciting.

The time of possesion was heavily in the favor of the Viking last night. It made it seem like the defense was on the field forever. Jimmie Johnson had a good game plan and deserves some credit too.

The Eagles are now 2-0 to start to season. As good as they have been during the Reid era, we have not started off well. You have to go back to 1993 under Richie Kotite to find our last 2-0 start. The K man finished 8-8 that season. Look for the Birds to go 13-3 season this year. The names Kotite and Reid shouldn't be used in the same sentence. Sorry about that. No comparison. Just a tidbit. Next up Detriot.

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"This website truly captures and expresses the feelings of true Philadelphia fans. It makes me want to paint my face green and silver."

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