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A Wing bowl request to Angelo, Al and Glen.
Feb 2nd

I wanted to voice a protest against this year's Wing Bowl, hosted by WIP. This annual event is a special event for the city of Philadelphia. This year the Wachovia Center crammed 24,000 non paying fanatical fans into the building. And what they saw was special.

One of the best Wing Bowl's ever. People were talking about it for days. Wingettes galore. Fat men eating wings and celebrites by the boat load. And a small 99 lb woman walked away with the grand prize. Sonya Thomas ate 167 wings defeating everyone who oppsed her.

Now, I don't mind a woman winning at all. But what I do mind is what the Wing Bowl is going to become. This was the first year that Professional Eaters were allowed in. That is what I dislike.

I don't care if a New Yorker comes down and competes in Wing Bowl, as long as he doesn't competitive eat for a living. Sure this year was ok but project the contest a couple years down the road when the word spreads. Guess what happens. No more Fat guys from Philly competing. Just Professional Eaters from the IF something something. That's the Professional eaters association. Kiss the fun goodbye. It will no longer be part of the Philly culture that it has become in its short 12 year history.

Angelo, Al and Glen , please hear this plea...
Ban it now. " The ultimate Philly event " belongs to the fans of this great city. Keep it that way.

Wing Bowl 12 is in the books.

Sonya Thomas is the new reigning Champ of the Wing Bowl. Sonya is a mere 99 lbs and comes from Virginia. She ate 167 wings and defeated men 4 times her size. Sonya is also known as "The Black Widow,". She beat Ed "Cookie" Jarvis by 2 wings in a two-minute overtime round.

This year's Wing Bowl was expanded to include contestants from outside the city. The winner of the last 4 Wing Bowls, El Wingador came in third. Sonya was not to be denied today. The phrase used most often was "Eating machine". The usual local celebrities were there. But the crowd was treated to newest local , Jon Bon Jovi, owner of the Philadelphia Soul.

The Wing bowl is truly a special event that Philadelphia can call its own. It has become a holiday in the middle of winter after our football season is done. Check out all the action of today's event here on You'll need Real Video and there are lots of visitors straining their server so you may have to come back to see it.

Eagles are still a solid team despite loss!
A look at the team needs (Part 1....)....
Jules Pilla......Jan 25

There is already talk among the experts who say that the way this team is constructed will never get us a championship. It's time to re-build. Horse hockey. The team certainly has holes that it needs to fill but I'm not ready to give up on them yet and suffer a couple of seasons of 8-8. Are you?

So what should they do and what are their needs?

As it stands right now, the Eagles have eight players who are unrestricted free agents . They also have another three that are restricted free agents.

The four that everybody talks about are CB Bobby Taylor , CB Troy Vincent, strong-side linebacker Carlos Emmons and RB Duce Staley.

The others unrestricted free agents are DT Paul Grasmanis, DE Marco Coleman , DT Jim Flanigan and Guard Bobbie Williams. Grasmanis was a starter until he tore his Achilles tendon in game 2 . Williams played nine games at right guard for injured Jermane Mayberry.

Duce is history and so is Bobby Taylor. They won't be back. We'll miss Duce but I had my fill of Bobby Taylor. He has always been a soft player. It's time to make a change there. Get more physical.

This next comment will be unpopular because I don't think Carlos Emmons was all that good. To hear everyone talk about his loss and how it was horrible for us had me scratching my head. Plus, the fact that he broke a leg makes me think we saw the last of Emmons. The Eagles need to address their entire linebacking core in the off season. Both in the draft and other free agents. Nate Wayne is the only quality LB. Simoneau is quick and had a good middle season but we need more of a prototypical linebacker that can help stop the run. He needs to take some of the blame for the bad run defense on this team. The Eagles should move him to the outside to replace Emmons and get a middle LB.

Marco Coleman was one of those names that everyone thought would help out this team on the defensive line when we had all those injuries. Boy , were we wrong. He was all but invisible on this team. He has said he is going to retire. Too bad he didn't retire one year sooner. We won't miss his 1/2 sack next year.

Flanigan was servicable but won't be back. He'll fall prey to the numbers game. Grasmasis is a good inside DT. A torn achilles tendon is a hard to come back from. If he passes the physicals , he'll be brought back.

Staying with the needs of the defensive line, the Eagles will need to draft another DE or pick up a free agent. Brandon Whiting and ND Kalu just don't cut it. Whiting had just 2 puny sacks all years. His natural position is at DT and moving him to the inside to back up Simon or Walker is just fine. But we need better production from a DE. Same thing with Kalu. He is and was a pass rush specialist. He needs to be in on passing situations, not every down. He had 6 sacks but we need a run stopper that starts. McDougle will start at DE next year but look for the birds to fill the other DE spot.

The defensive line unit will look something like this. DE will be Jerome McDougle, Jamaal Green, ND Kalu and a new DE. I don't think Derek Burgiss will be back after 2 leg injuries. At least , I am not counting on him. At DT will be Corey Simon, who had 8 sacks and who is going to the Pro bowl; Darwin Walker, who had 6 sacks; Hollis Thomas will be back , Brandon Whiting and/or Paul Grasmanis.

I think that Troy Vincent will be back...Part 2 to come- which free agents are out there?

Have some fun and re-live the season by re-reading the week by week Eagle Re-caps. It was a fun year even though we did not go to the Superbowl.

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