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 Has WIP jumped te shark? Jules 6-22-08

Have you wondered this? Has WIP passed its prime? For me, it jumped the shark years ago. It has become more and more difficult to listen to. From insulting hosts to unfunny hosts reminiscing about the old times like Vet memories or list countdowns, it is obvious that sports are no longer important to them. Or maybe they are just getting lazy. Whatever it is , WIP is hard to listen to anymore. It has been that way for me for years now and to tell the truth I miss it. It used to listen all the time. I wanted to hear what was the topic of the moment. Not anymore. One wonders how their audience numbers are. And now that ESPN is in town, can the end be on its way. I'm very depressed by what I just said. I want my WIP back.

Jules' rates the Eagles draft. The future is now? 5-10-08

So this year's draft came and went. How did the Eagles do? What is my take? Every year I get psyched for the draft. I am one of the draftniks that can't ...more Eagles draft

Christmas in April? 2008 Eagles Draft Recap

5-1-08 Scott Thomson

For those of us who are draft fanatics the NFL Draft is like a two day Christmas. We wait with anticipation all year. We also pray the night before.

and God, please don't let the Eagles take ...Eagles draft recap

The Eagles schedule tells me they go 9-7...Justin Berndlnaier 4-19-08

The NFL schedules came out and I see these birds going 9-7...they open against a Rams team that has the offensive firepower to hang with the Eagles. With Torry Holt, Drew Bennett, Randy McMichael, and Steven Jackson and Bulger tossing the rock they will put up points, but no real playmakers on defense... Eagles wins and losses

The upcoming Eagles DRAFT, Part 2...Defense, Defense, Defense by Scott Thomson 4-8-08

Of the seven first round picks in the Andy Reid era, five were defensive players.

That being said, it is time to take a look at ...Eagles draft

The Draft is coming. Let's look at the Eagles and who they might select. Offense first...Scott Thomson 2-14-08

When the Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention any hope of a Super Bowl appearance was gone.  After the small taste I had in February, 2005, a Super Bowl without the Eagles is just another game with a never-ending halftime show.

  But, for some of us ... Eagles draft