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The Philadelphia Eagles...the best team in the NFL
Pre-season notes

Game 1

Well, the first pre-season game is over. The Eagles looks very impressive in their 27-17 win over New Orleans. The played crisp and looked strong on both sides of the ball. Make no mistake about it, this is one of the best teams in the league. I realize they have "lost" a number of players but they have new players that will strenthen the team.

Did you see how John Ricthie, the FB, looked? Can you say Cecil Who? Did you see Nate Wayne? Can you say Shawn Who? Did you see Westbrook and Lito? Can you say Brian Who?

Yes , I know they were our favorites. But the team is getting younger and quicker. Troy Vincent , on his TV interview, even mentioned that he thought Andy Reid should have drafted D- backs sooner than he did. He realizes how the young players replace the older ones.

What can you say about Donovan? But great. He's just great and getting better, He stayed in the pocket and delivered the ball on target. We should see even more from him this year.

I have been saying Randall Who for quite some time. Have you?

8-12-03 JP

Game 2 - Looking Sharp! Aug 17th by Jules Pilla

The Eagles took care of business against the Pittsburgh Steelers last night. Again, looking good in their 21-16 victory. The 2 Freddies need mentioning. First , Freddie Mitchell looks like he is coming around to the player we expected when he was drafted. He had 3 catches for 20 yards. At least he is not invisible on offense like he once was. The other Freddie...Milons, had a very nice kickoff return. Milons is also an excellent receiver. His broken leg last year just set him back. The receiving corp on this team is going to be strong. Just watch it.

Who was Governor Rendell rooting for last night in this battle of his state's teams??? Philly has better cheesesteaks. And we know how much he likes to eat

Game 3- ! Pancakes and vanilla ice cream anyone? Aug 23rd by Jules Pilla

The Eagles took on the New England Patriots for the first game at Lincoln Financial Field on Friday night. The house was packed with awe- struck fans. The gigantic plasma screens were spectacular to see. The fans for the most part were quiet. Either because the new seats were too comfortable unlike the Vet, or the team played as flat as pancakes. Add to the lackluster performance, the fact the Andy Reid didn't want to show anything to the team they are playing in 3 weeks. So what we got was a vanilla game plan that was sure to bore even the most excited football starved fan. It's a shame because I wanted to see how loud the Linc could get. Can it compare to the intimidating Vet? We'll have to wait to find out the answer on Monday when they face the Bucs in the season opener.

Game notes...

Lito had a bad game, nothing more than that. He's a good player. But he's getting roasted on the Radio. Troy Vincent had a bad game too and he's in his 14th year and Pro bowl player.

It's a shame Jamaal Green is out for the year with a broken ankle. He is a good player and will help the Eagles in the future. But he was just a 4th round pick. Some 4th rounders don't even make the team. But to hear the talking heads, the defensive line is doomed.

The one big fault I had with the Eagles, was they had too many penalties. They need to work more on that ascept of their game.

Next up, the Jets. Don't expect much in the last pre-season game. Not even vanilla ice cream.

Ready, Set, Bucs. Aug 30th by Jules Pilla

The Eagles have had a bad taste in their mouths since last year's Championship loss to the Bucs. It has been a long wait and the pain still stings. But it is a new season, a time for optimism. And it begins on Monday Nighr Football. One can almost imagine Howard Cosell's voice doing the introduction to the Game. Setting it up with the disappointment the Eagles felt and how Donovan wants to redeem the team.

Donovan will show us why he is a prime time player. He plays well on Monday Night Football and the Bucs will not be able to stop him from leading the Eagles to a victory. But the Bucs are a tough team, so it won't be easy. This victory will help remove the bad taste but we will have to wait 16 plus weeks to enjoy how a Superbowl victory tastes. Sweeeeeet.

Team updates...

McDougle is going to be out 2 weeks with his injury. This will hurt the team because he is going to be a good pass rusher and we lost Jamaal Green 2 weeks ago to a broken leg. Will Andy check the waiver wires? Maybe for a stop gap player. Marcus Coleman was released by the Jaguars but he is 33 yrs old and doesn't fit the profile that Andy looks for. But that will be the radio chatter.

Freddie Milons--- WR, was traded to Pittsburgh for a late rounder, either a fourth or fifth rounder. This move was obvoiusly made to make room for WR Greg Lewis who did so well in the pre-season. I liked Freddie and I'm sorry to see him go. But the team can only carry so many players and he just got caught up in the numbers game.

Punter will be a Johnson but which one... Lee or Dirk.

Lee is 41 years old with 18 years experience. Or is that Dirk? Who knows. Dirk is younger and less experienced. Their numbers are close. Who will it be? If it were my call, I would go with the experience. If he doesn't work out , we can always call the other Johnson up.

Just in Sunday at 3:00...Lee Johnson cut.

Also notable cuts S Rashard Cook, P Lee Johnson, DT Jeremy Slechlta, 4th round pick C Scott Peters and QB Tim Hassellbeck.

Notables making the team...RB Reno Make and WR Greg Lewis.



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