Ruffled Feathers
By Stephen Lewis

Muffed Away! Sept 9th 2007

The Eagles opened the season in Green Bay for the first time since September of 1991, when Bryce Paup ended Randall Cunningham's season in the second quarter of play.

Today's game was a much different loss however. It was despicable, it was embarrassing, but unlike Cunningham in 91, we still have a whole season ahead of us.

What can be said about the moronic play of Greg Lewis and J.R. Reed? Their two (almost three!) muffs cost us 10 points, and eventually the game. All I can say, the special teams were not ready to play football. I'm sure a roster move will be made as early as Monday where we will likely see the return of Reno Mahe, but a better decision should have been made a month a go.

The special teams cost us the game, but the offensive play calling wasn't that swell either. The team was running the ball well for most of the game, but never fully committed to the run. Instead Reid and McNabb kept trying to depend on a passing attack that almost wasn't there. It took until the fourth quarter for both starting receivers to catch a pass. Brown and Curtis ended the afternoon with only 3 catches between them. I also felt McNabb spent to much time wandering out of the pocket, trying to make something out of nothing when no one was open. This is how he ended up hurting himself last season and if he's going to play this early after major knee surgery, he's going to have to play a more conservative game and stay in the pocket.

All things aside, the defense played a good game today. The pass rush provided some solid pressure on Favre, and the linebackers made tackles, allowing only 46 yards on the ground. Sean Consindine and Sheldon Brown were great in coverage as well, especially in the absence of Lito Sheppard. We should hear more on Lito's injury soon. Hopefully it is not serious.

Losses like this are tough to swallow, and as Philly fans, we seem to have to swallow them like Nicole Richie swallows pills. As for Greg Lewis and JR Reed, I can see one if not both of them being out of a job soon, and deservingly so. I even hear there is about to be a vacant Senate spot in Idaho they can compete for.






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