Ruffled Feathers
By Stephen Lewis

Sept 24th 2007 Lions vs Eagles

Remember the Yellow Jackets

Unlike the Philadelphia Eagles, the Frankford Yellow Jackets are undefeated this season. Unlike the boys in midnight green, the guy in yellow have a high-powered prolific offense that scores on just about every drive they are on the field for. What I am trying to get at here is that we saw a completely different team today.

Now I know you have probably heard the joke 11 times already that it was much easier for McNabb to find the receivers since they were wearing high visibility yellow jerseys, but the offense as a whole stepped up today and had an amazing game. Kevin Curtis who might as well had taken weeks 1 and 2 off, set an NFL record for yards in a half. And what can't you say about Brian Westbrook. The guy might be the toughest man in the NFL to tackle. Listed as questionable before the game, number 36 showed no signs of injury during his three-touchdown performance. The offensive line put together a memorable performance as well, allowing only two sacks on the game and clearing large running lanes for Westbrook.

My hat goes off to Andy Reid today as well. He established the running game early, which allowed McNabb and company to exploit the Detroit defense with the use of the play action pass. The best example of this was McNabb's first TD pass of the game, a 68-yard bomb to Curtis that was made possible on a fake handoff in which Westbrook took out two defenders. The Eagles are as good of a play action offense as there is in the NFL, and when you establish the run early, big plays will happen.

As far as the defense goes, I know this statement will be unpopular, but I think the Eagles were better of today with a healthy Quintin Mikell starting at free safety over Brian Dawkins. Mikell was all over the place today. He played a great game in coverage, had a big sack, and recovered a fumble. Mikell's sack was one of nine recorded by the defense today, but it wasn't the high priced, big named guys making the big plays on the blitz. It was guys like Trent Cole, Juqua Thomas and Broderick Bunkley who starred in this game. The team has a lot of money locked up in Kearse and Howard, but its promising to see Cole, Bunkley and even Mike Patterson play the way they did today, as these young birds proved they aren't just the future of the defense, they are the present.

Other Notes:

-Before the Game there was a lot of talk about Jon Kitna's “10 win season” prediction. Hasn't this guy learned anything from Lomas Brown? The Lions need to stop making these pregame predictions unless they want to predict the Eagles will put up over 50 points against them.

•  Tatum Bell is a headache for fantasy football owners. Many owners were reluctant to start an injured Kevin Jones today because they expected Bell to get the majority of the snaps. Bell has his usual sub par game, and Kevin Jones not only played today, but scored a touchdown. This is the same problem that Bell caused in Denver when fantasy owners would find themselves benching Mike Anderson because of the high Bell expectations. What I am trying to say here is that your better off not having Tatum Bell or anyone he is platooned with on your fantasy team.

•  Rookie Tony Hunt picked up his first NFL touchdown late in the game. It was promising to see Hunt on the field, especially after Westbrook had to be taken out early for bruised ribs. The Eagles are going to have to spell Westbrook a little bit more than they have so these weekly injuries of his don't become a problem.

•  I was upset to see Buddy Ryan was not selected as the coach for the 75 th anniversary team. I tried voting as many times as possible, but my efforts went unrewarded.




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