Ruffled Feathers
By Stephen Lewis

Nov 26th 2007

The G Lew that Almost Stole the Undefeated Season


It was the night before Thanksgiving, when pesky Eagles receiver Greg Lewis noticed an insert in his daily news paper. The insert was for a Circuit City electronics store, which contained a sales ad for a digital camcorder for only $149.99. Reading this insert got young Lewis thinking, “The only way we will be able to beat New England is to give they a taste of their own medicine.”

So Greg decided to call equally desperate team mate JR Reed, and let him in on his plan to buy the camcorders on special for $149.99, get the first flight to Boston , and spy on Patriots practice for the next two days and see what their game plan was. They figured they could just walk right in to practice, since no one in league has any idea who they are or what they look like anyway.

They ran in to some trouble as they both did not have the proper funds for the camcorders due to their league minimum salaries. So they decided to find the player on the team with the most money, and who needed the most help. When Darren Howard got the call at 7:13 PM on Thanksgiving night, he had stated he was questionable for the trip to Circuit City , because he had injured his jaw eating too much turkey. But the overpriced vet toughened up and made the trip.

They ran in to a little bit of trouble once they arrived at Patriot's practice, when Donte Stallworth noticed Howard lurking around the facilities. He approached his former Saints teammate like most people around the NFL this year, Stallworth had thought that Howard was deactivated for the season, and wished him good luck during his time off from football. Since Patriot players were now so used to cameras being around, Stallworth did not find it weird that Howard and his buddies had new camcorders with them, though he did think to himself, “Don't I know those guys from some where.”

Before the game, the three Eagles studied the tape, and devised a way they can equally have big games, save their jobs and in the meantime, save their team's season.

Once the game was underway, it had appeared that the plan was working. Howard picked up two tackles, his career high as an Eagle. JR Reed had held Randy Moss in check and above and be all, Greg Lewis was having the game of his life. Up 21-17 with seconds left in the 1 st half, Lewis ran over and warned Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson that he had a “strong feeling” Brady was going to look for Gaffney in the back of the end zone, and to put extra coverage on him. Johnson ignored Lewis' warning because no one would ever throw to Jabar Gaffney.

Greg would then find out that even though the cameras he bought from the Circuit City were effective, the Patriots have been using their camcorders for much longer and were just not beatable. Greg then went to Andy Reid late in the fourth quarter and explained to Andy that he should let him play defense so he can stop Wes Welker from these big gains. Reid quickly refused, explaining to Lewis the last time he tried putting him in a new position it cost him a game.

By the end of the night, Greg Lewis' efforts did not win the game for his team. However, Greg had a backup plan; he placed a bet that the Eagles would cover the ridiculous 25 point spread right after purchasing the camcorders. The bet covered all the expenses of the trip. All things considered, he came out ahead.



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