Scott's Mock Draft
By Scott Thomson
Feb 9th, 2007

ITE welcomes Scott Thomson to the staff.

I 2007 Mock Draft

Oakland Raiders - Brady Quinn - QB

The Raiders need a QB and want to start winning again as soon as possibe. They forego the potential of Russell and take the best and most ready player at QB.

Detroit Lions - JaMarcus Russell - QB

The Lions don't want or expect to pick this high next year. They don't miss the opportunity to take a talent like Russell.

Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson - RB

Yeah, Reuben Droughns rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2005, but it may have been the least productive 1,000 yard season since Earnest Jackson. Peterson can get 1,000 yards without needing 1,000 carries.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Calvin Johnson - WR

One of many needs the Buccaneers can satisfy with maybe the best player in the draft.

Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas -OT

Don't be surprised if Arizona trades up even one place to ensure this pick. He's that important to them.

Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams - DE

An tremendous pass rusher, Adams threatens offenses from day one.

Minnesota Vikings - Jamaal Anderson - DE

Branch might be the better player, but might not start for a Minnesota already solid at DT. Anderson should start and contribute immediately.

Houston Texans - Alan Branch - DT

Houston is thrilled to get Branch here.

Miami Dolphins - Amobi Okoye - DT

The Dolphins end a run on the D-line.

Atlanta Falcons - Levi Brown - OT

Atlanta reaches a bit, but must for a top left tackle prospect.

San Fransisco 49ers - LaRon Landry - S

Big, strong, fast and productive, what's not to like? Not quite Ronnie Lott, but good?

Buffalo Bills - Dwyane Jarrett - WR

Finally, the Bills have two good receivers at the same time.

St. Louis Rams - Patrick Willis - LB

The first linebacker taken, Willis could be a defensive anchor for years to come.

Carolina Panthers - Reggie Nelson - S

Nelson is Carolina's starting free safety by early-mid season, if not sooner.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Leon Hall - CB

A Pittsburgh-type player, Hall plays the run as well as the pass.

Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch - RB

Lynch will be the RB of the future in Green Bay.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Ted Ginn Jr. - WR

With no QB worthy of this pick the Jags add a speed receiver to go with the large, possesion ones they already have.

Cincinnati Bengals - Quentin Moses - DE

The Bengals would prefer a DT to a DE, but can't skip on Moses.

Tennesse Titans - Justin Blalock - OG/OT

The Titan's get the best remaining offensive lineman to help protect Vince Young.

NY Giants - Darrell Revis - CB

Seemingly always in need of secondary help the Giants take the best CB on the board (and maybe in the draft).

Denver Broncos - Marcus McCauley - CB

McCauley can help temper the loss suffered by Darrent Williams' unfortunate passing.

Dallas Cowboys - Michael Griffin - S

While the Cowboys would prefer OL, Griffin joins Roy Williams and solidifies the secondary.

Kansas City Chiefs - DeMarcus Tyler - DT

"Tank" Tyler will help KC stop the run.

New England Patriots - Paul Posluszny - LB

He looks like a Patriot linebacker. He plays like a Patriot linebacker. He becomes a Patriot linebacker.

NY Jets - Michael Bush - RB

Bush and Washington give the Jets a two back combination which enables New York to run again.

Philadelphia Eagles - Lawrence Timmons - LB

Reid finally relents and addresses the linebacker position in Round 1 if the Eagles don't trade down.

New Orleans Saints - Daymeion Hughes - CB

Hughes is the Saints first Day 1 CB in 10 years. Finally, some secondary help in New Orleans.

New England Patriots - Aaron Ross - CB

You can never be too deep at DB these days. The Patriots never are.

Baltimore Ravens - Lamarr Woodley - DE

Listed as a DE, Woodley is suited to OLB in the Raven's 3-4. If Adalius Thomas leaves for greener pastures, Woodley's pick is a lead pipe cinch.

San Diego Chargers - Dwayne Bowe - WR

With Jeff Samardizja playing baseball the Bolts take the best WR left.

Chicago Bears - Adam Carriker - DE/DT

Carriker can play inside and out. He's insurance for the Bears' DL troubles.

Indianapolis Colts - Quinn Pitcock - DT

Can somebody in Indy stop the run? Pitcock can.

Scott Thomson


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