This page offers you a variety of thought provoking topics that may be of interest to you. From UFO's to Nostradamus. From Noah's flood to Big foot. The truth is mixed with in with BS, so you have to seperate the bull from the TRUTH. Enjoy the VIDEOS.

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The Haiti UFO video footage is popular on youtube and was supposed to have been filmed in August of 2007. The creator of the video is known as “Barzolff81,” has stated that he made the video using a program called “View 6 Infinite” to fabricate the film. Another hoax.


Twin Towers and a UFO. Hoax.


Noah's Flood


Humans & Dinosaurs lived on earth at same time? What about evolution?

Dinosaurs drawn by man?

Sollog wrong about UFOs

Dan Aykroyd on UFOs

86 best UFO pixs?

Crop Circles...Real or Hoax?

Cayce and the Sphinx

Twin Towers &UFO

Did we land on the moon?